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58 Chevy Corvette JR by Yardman

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1958 Yardman Corvette #1

1958 Yardman Corvette #3

1958 Yardman Corvette #5

1958 Yardman Corvette #7

Slightly modified #1

Slightly modified #3

Survivor #1

Survivor #3

Survivor #5

Survivor #7

Survivor #9

This is one that I will admit that I know very little about! If anyone has original literature, information and vintage images I would love to add them.
    I was provided the first 8 pictures by a collector in New York that has had this since it was new (Lucky kid)! He states that his father picked it up at the local Chevrolet dealership so that would lead me to believe that this is another version of a dealer promotional.
    You can tell from the pictures that it is a gas powered model with what looks like a Techumse motor mounted in the trunk, Like so many other powered promotional cars this could not have been a cheap item to buy back in 1958. And like the others I am sure that this did a great job of getting kids to drag their parents into the showroom where the salesman could do his job!
    I will continue to build this page as I find more information on these. If you have any Vintage picture, Literature or any additional information on these and who made them please share it with me so that I can share that information with everyone that visits this website. The exchange of information can only help us all!

Ask and you shall recieve.
A forum member Scott B. saw I was updating pages and sent me some pictures of a Yardman Corvette that will help a lot with people that are restoring. The frame is missing the engine but other than that it looks like a unmolested survivor.

I had someone send me a better version of the original Yardman manual in PDF format that is much better that the old scans I had. Here it is and thanks.
Yardman Corvette manual in PDF format

1958 Yardman Corvette #2

1958 Yardman Corvette #4

1958 Yardman Corvette #6

1958 Yardman Corvette #8

Slightly modified #2

Survivor #2

Survivor #4

Survivor #6

Survivor #8

Survivor #10

Survivor #11

And unknown Corvettes go here????

Here are a couple of unknowns that I have pictures of. They appear to be from the same manufacturer but I do not know for sure who that is. They could be modern creations rather than vintage but until I know for sure I will park the pictures here.

unknown Corvette #1

unknown Corvette #2

    Here is an image a guy in Kansas city sent me that shows a guy in the body shop at the local chevy dealership putting together a 1957? Corvette JR.
You can see the body on the original shipping container in the background! I now believe that this is a Pedal car made by Eska of Dubuque Iowa and not a powered promotional notice the shifter between the legs and the lack of pedals. Maybe they had not been assemblerd yet?
Warning this link leads to a large image! I left it large so detail can be seen.
click with care

57 Corvette JR?

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