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Links to other sites that deal with vintage promotional cars.

Powercar company.com

A site from D&S pedal car restorations dealing with Promotional cars they restore
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D & S Pedal cars

D&S original website a restoration company that does Promotional car restorations
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AMROC kid cars site

Lots of information on AMROC products
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Edsel Youngstar site

lots of information on Edsel Juniors
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Milford CT Motor patrol

Shriners in Juniors in parade.
This is the group that kept some of the original Powercar molds safe for years and still uses them in parades.
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My original website with lots of oddball Automotive stuff
And where this information first hit the web
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The following are free software programs that I use and reccomend.
Use them to keep you system running, the bugs out and to manage images!

Spybot search and destroy

Spybot search and destroy spyware killer cleans system of spyware
Will also immunize the system against future attacks
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Pop-up stopper

Pop-up stopper freeware edition stops pop-ups and makes surfing much better.
Can be easily toggled on and off if needed
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Avast virus cleaner

Avast Virus Cleaner Tool
A small but effective tool for exterminating bugs on your system
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Ad-Aware SE adware remover

Ad-Aware-SE anti adware program that finds were websites are tracking your internet traffic and sometimes install automatically generated ads on your system. Will also look for pirated homepage redirects
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InFanview image editor

This is the best tool I have found for managing images! Change formats, resize, batch conversion It is also free and is small but effective. A really great tool!
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Use of images and information on this website for Magazine articles/car club newsletters

If you want to use information or images from this website for magazine articles please contact me so that I can help by providing more information addition images or Higher resolution images. So little is known about these little cars that education of the collecting public can only help find more of them and find more parts or parts sources for them. Generally I only ask for of a copy of the final issue and mention of the website in the article in return. Even though promotional cars have been around for a long time they have only recently become very collectable. Any article written about them can only help to find “Automotive archeologists” With information on these rare and unusual mini cars

Welcome to my mis-spelled word file!
These are common and sometimes uncommon ways to mis-spell the primary words on this site! I provide this as a service to the phonically challenged because they are people too! Or maybe they have a typing handicap like myself. Corvete, Crysler, Chrystler, Christler, Desota, De Sota, Desotoe, Desoda, Dasoda, Edsil, fibre, fibreglass, Gokart, Go-kart, go kart, Mo Par, Mustange, mircury, Peddel, Peddal, Peddle, pedel, Plymoth, Plimoth, Plimouth, powercar, power car, Tbird, T-bird, Thunderchicken