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58 Fury JR.

59 Fury JR.

60 Front

60 postcard

58 clay mockup

59 nice survivor 1

59 nice survivor 2

D&S 60 Fury #1

D&S 60 Fury #3

D&S 60 Fury #5

     The Plymouth fury Junior was the car that started my research into the Powercar company. While trying to track down a Desoto Firemite to go with my full size Desoto convertible. I started finding information on the Plymouth Fury Juniors, thinking they may have been made by the same company, I started digging into information on the Powercar company. At the time George ford was still alive so finding information was not as difficult as it is today but they did not save a lot of information either.
The Plymouth Fury Jr. was announced in the Feb. 1958 issue of the Plymouth merchandiser magazine. It was marketed as a great promotional tool. And for a mere $355.00 (that's in 1958 dollars) it did one hell of a job! The Fury JR's like the full size Fury were available in only one color, buckskin beige and gold trim in 1958. In 1959 the body style was changed to match the new forward look styling by Virgil Exner and it even carried the (toilet seat) faux spare tire on the trunk lid. Of the surviving 1959 models that i have heard of one is red and one is a pinkish orange and the other is black so it looks like that the 1959 could be ordered in any color you wished. In 1960 the last year of the mini Fury the body was changed again to match the new full size Fury. And in what I believe was the final nail in the coffin was the size was reduced. In 1958 and 59 the cars were rendered in 1/3 rd scale that calculated out to 66" long, 20" tall and 33" wide. They weighed in at 210 lbs. with a 34 ½" wheel base these would comfortably carry two small children or an adult, the 1960 was done in ¼ scale that only figured out to 51 ½" long, 27 ¾" wide and 17" tall with no windshield available. The weight was at 130 lbs. with battery and charger. The color was in Twilight blue and was said to be able to carry one adult up to 160 lbs. Or 2 very crammed children.
as you can see by the images this was not just a mom and pop operation. The bodies were done with great detail and the changes were made each year to match those of the full size cars. And just like they did in the styling studios in Detroit they made clay mock-ups that were used to pull they original molds from. They have working headlights tail lights and horns along with reverse. I have managed to find 58 and 59 survivors but the 60 series was really hurt by the decrease in size and sale must have really hurt as they seem to be the rarest.

1965 Plymouth Fury JR

There was another Plymouth JR made in 65 that was a single seat gas powered unit with a gas engine. as soon as I get more information and some pictures I will make another page dedicated to them.

Many thanks to D&S Pedal car restorations for sending some pictures of the 60 Fury Junior they restored.

As you can see by the images it is in better than new condition with features that were never offered on the original car. The chromed windshield frames with windwings are one of the options that D&S offers to give the cars a more realistic look of the full size car. If you are looking for a professional restoration shop you may want to give them a ring. Here is the body that I sold to the owner "this is all they had to sart with".

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I have started a Resources page that I will list known available original parts and reproduction parts for Powercar products. But the list is only as good as the information that I am provided. or as good as i am able to update it. if you have information to share or parts to sell let me know.

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58 in NE.

59 front shot

60 rear

Postcard rear

big and little 58's

60 Fury 1/4 scale

Nice 59 survivor 3

D&S 60 Fury #2

D&S 60 Fury #4

D&S 60 Fury #6

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