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    This page will act as a catch all for those yet unknown Junior cars that turn up!
If you have a vintage Powered promotional car (Junior car) that is not listed on any of the other pages of this site send me what information and images that you do have and I will list it here in order to attempt to identify it. Was it a pedal car that someone powered? is it a one off that someone built? these are the questions that we hope to answer with this page.

These images of a 1960 Buick gas powered promo came from Greg Cockerill's 1960 Buick site If you have any information to share please let us know!
Do you know who made these?
Have any original literature?
Vintage images of them in use at a dealership or anywhere else?
Have another one just like it?
Greg and I would like to hear from you!

1960 Buick Promotional?

Body off chassis

60 Buick chassis

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Use of images and information on this website for Magazine articles/car club newsletters

If you want to use information or images from this website for magazine articles please contact me so that I can help by providing more information addition images or Higher resolution images. So little is known about these little cars that education of the collecting public can only help find more of them and find more parts or parts sources for them. Generally I only ask for of a copy of the final issue and mention of the website in the article in return. Even though promotional cars have been around for a long time they have only recently become very collectable. Any article written about them can only help to find “Automotive archeologists” With information on these rare and unusual mini cars

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