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1971 Conval Mustang

1971 Conval front

1971 Conval rear

conval frame 1

conval frame 2

conval frame 3

conval frame 4

    Conval industries INC. of 125 Main street, Springfield Mass Purchased the inventory of the Powercar company Of Mystic CT in 1967 after Powercar went bankrupt. They recieved all of the original molds and other inventory. Not much is known about Conval yet but I am sure someone out there has some information to share. they did produce the Thunderbirds and Mustangs as I have seen examples of those but if they made Plymouths, Mercurys and other models I am not sure. they had the molds but did they have the orders to fill?

    Conval had there own name tags so they did not use the ones from Powercar. if this tag is missing the next best way to tell that you have a Conval and not a Powercar is the frame. Conval used a square tube frame instead of the round tube frame that Powercar used. I have pictures of a Conval frame on this page. you can see Powercar frames on the Mustang page and on the Thunderbird page
    In 1970 Conval got the chance to make an all new product. Just like Powercar had done in the past the Ford Motor Company STyling division made a Mold master of the new Model 1971 Mustang in 1/3rd scale. this wood and clay mold buck was then used to make a Female mold. Just like in years past the cars were supplied to dealers to use in promotions to attract customers into the showrooms.
     Just when Conval went under I have not been able to determine yet. Over the years some of the inventory was lost or destroyed but some of it has survived until today and was in the care of a group of Shriners for many years. they used the molds to make repair parts for thier fleet of little cars they used in parades. some of the parts that were of no use to them were thrown away. They said that there were a lot of the modified starter motors that got toosed because they were to heavy and bulky to mess with. I purchased some of the molds from them but they have kept the 66 Thunderbird and 71 Mustang molds and mold masters to keep there fleet of cars on the road.

If you have any literature please sell them to me or send me scans. I would also like to get original vintage images of Conavl products like the 71 Mustang if you have them. I would really like to find images of them being used at dealerships for promotions.

I have included a lot of pictures of an original frame with detail shots that should help Conval owners restore their cars or recreate an original frame or missing parts. all of the pictures have been decreased in size to make them load faster and cut down on bandwidth charges. if someone has a real need for larger images just let me know.

Some original Conval ducumentation found

I had someone send me some images of a Price sheet and another sent me some scans of the Parts price list from 1968 shortly after the product line was picked up from Powercar. There is also a letter to respond to an enquriry about making more of the cars. A lot of the information is still pretty vauge as it just lists internal part number etc. but maybe some useful information can be gained from these?
conval parts price list page one
conval parts price list page two
conval parts price list page three
conval parts price list page four
conval letter
conval price list Jpeg image
conval price list pdf file (large but clear)

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I have started a Resourses page that I will list known available original parts and reproduction parts for Powercar products. I have also started to compile a list of surviving cars. but the list is only as good as the information that I am provided. or as good as i am able to update it. if you have information to share or parts to sell let me know.

If you need parts
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Gold Conval Mustang

1971 Conval tag

1971 Conval cockpit

conval frame 5

conval frame 6

conval frame 7

conval frame 8

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