1958 Desoto Firemite new photo found

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1958 Desoto Firemite new photo found

Postby leeexline » Sat May 18, 2013 11:45 pm

Just found this photo on the internet tonight. I can tell by the picture that it is the early vacuum formed plastic body not the later Fiberglass body that replaced it after the plastic bodies were starting to break up.
The sign on the side says Dewey Hendrix: Miss fat stock show: Galena Park 1965 (Dewey Hendrix Motors was the Desoto dealership in galena Park)

Some research shows the picture was taken in Houston, even though the sign says 1965, I am sure the photo was taken in 58 because the body would not be in that good of shape by then. I have one I know! Note that the rear hubcap is missing.
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