Hi, newbie here.

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Hi, newbie here.

Postby Jim D » Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:31 am

As a new owner of a 1955 T-Bird Jr., I finally got one that I can enjoy and work on. I've only had it a week now, but am excited and looking with anticipation to repairing, restoring and doing my own mods to it. I have to learn how to do fiberglass work and repairs. I got a book that might help. I even thought about taking a class at the local community college. Two years ago, I had a rear '55 T-Bird that needed more money spent on it to restore than my budget would allow, so I sold it to a friend that was interested in it.

I have lots of questions about this car and about getting replacement parts. It looks like I may have to make a few of them.

I forgot to mention my car is gas powered. It looks like a conversion was done many years ago. I am still working on some of the history behind this car.

Jim D.
Jim D
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