Newbie looking for info, 67 Mustang?

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Newbie looking for info, 67 Mustang?

Postby jnauman40 » Thu Aug 11, 2016 6:20 pm

New to the forum and these types of vehicles in general. I picked up both items below at a yard sale this weekend; I know next to nothing about either of these cars, they happened to catch my eye and for some reason I jumped on them! I'm hoping somebody can shed some light on the larger Mustang, from what I can gather the body is most likely a 67 however there is no production tag? The previous owner said he had some extensive fiberglass work to do on the body so I'm unsure if the body and frame are original or maybe an older restoration somebody had started. I have quite a few new parts that were included (a box full of goodies from the master himself in Iowa :) ), personally I think I have a good starting point to finish this one up. Value wise I haven't been able to find much, there sure aren't many of these cars floating around so hopefully I didn't make a rookie mistake! The pictures should show everything I have, I know this isn't a pedal car forum but I figured I would show the second half of the grouping that came with the power car. Any and all input is certainly appreciated!

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Re: Newbie looking for info, 67 Mustang?

Postby leeexline » Thu Aug 11, 2016 9:58 pm

yes, 1967 ith original frame and wheels for an adult electric version and a bunch of restoration parts from me.
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