Stolen 1963 Thunderbird JR

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Stolen 1963 Thunderbird JR

Postby leeexline » Mon Jun 08, 2015 9:23 pm

Well this is a first! see quote below.

I would like to post information on your Facebook page and Jr Central to get the word out regarding a 63 Tbird Jr. that was stolen from a Ship N' Pack Store in Englishtown, New Jersey sometime before AM of 06//08/15 if that was possible? This electric car was recently purchased on Ebay as of March 20, 2015 waiting to be pickup. The car color is Acapulco Blue, fully restored with matching blue seat, the data tag was a reproduction unknown number. I have a copy of the sell of the 63 TbirdJr from Ebay and I could try and forward a picture. This same car appeared on your Facebook after the sale on March 20th, it had 4 comments regarding the sell.
If you could help spread the word I would like to get the car back. I would think they are not very many 63 Tbird Jrs with that color running around unless it had a fast paint job. Thank you.

Facebook contact is Jim Cappuzzo
Cell: (732) 804-6362
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