Front disc brakes on a JR

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Front disc brakes on a JR

Postby leeexline » Sat Nov 09, 2013 7:45 pm

I was talking to my frame guy today and the subject of braking systems come up. I mentioned that I would like to come up with a way of making a front disc brake system would on a Junior car. In the same way that the pulley is mounted to the rear wheels a disc brake rotor could be mounted to the front wheels. A bracket to mount the calipers to the front steering could also be done fairly easily. I mentioned that I have been looking for small disc brake rotors but had not had a lot of luck. He mentioned that I might try looking into the disc brake systems for bicycles and he was right! They make lots of choices and they are all about 6" across where the wheels are generally 10". They also offer hydraulic calipers so you wouldn't have to worry about balancing out the mechanical cables side to side.

Just an idea!
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