advice on paint prep

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advice on paint prep

Postby rcara93054 » Wed Aug 21, 2013 7:00 pm

I am trying to do the body paint myself on my 56 Tbird, Jr as I didn't get any favorable quotes. I got all the old paint stripped off with a DA sander. There are some places where the bare fibers are exposed but for the most part the black primer (which I assume is gelcoat) is still there. There are several hairline cracks. I bought a can of resin intending to use it to fill the cracks. Does anyone have any advice to give? Am I going to be able to cover the exposed fiber sections with a thin layer of resin, sand it down, then paint over it? Or do I need to spray the whole body with gelcoat? I don't have a gun for spraying gelcoat. Can I get away with several coats of high build primer? I am not looking for showroom quality here but would like something that does not look too amateurish.
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